Tips for a Healthy Truck Driver Lifestyle

Truck drivers can experience difficulty trying to maintain a balance between work and living a healthy lifestyle. Being on the road for hours a day might mean the last thing you want to think about is how this job is affecting your overall health. Oftentimes you want to find the quickest fix to resolve our problems, so that might mean stopping and grabbing an energy drink to help fight fatigue on the road. While the energy drink might help out in the moment, it can do more damage down the road. There are many options that you can implement into your routine that can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Pack Healthly Snacks

Having unhealthy eating habits is one problem that can affect your overall health in a negative way. Fortunately with just a little bit of planning ahead you can get back on track to eating healthier and feeling better overall. Plan to pack road-friendly meals and snacks in a cooler so that you are not tempted to grab fast food when hunger starts to strike. Start with a high-protein breakfast such as Greek yogurt and granola, or eggs. Starting with a healthy, high-protein meal first thing will curb your hunger longer and will set you up to make better decisions throughout the day. Remember to keep plenty of snacks on hand as well, trade out those bags of high sodium chips for trail mix with peanuts and almonds.

Stretch your Legs

Many truck drivers struggle with getting enough exercise while out on the road. With just a few simple changes you can implement an easy workout into your day. Take advantage of your surroundings, walk or jog around rest stops throughout the day. You can also use your truck as part of your workout routine by attaching a resistance band for exercises. If you aren’t able to commit to doing a 30 minute workout all at once, try doing a shorter 7 minute workout 4 times each day. Getting exercise in each day will boost your energy and leave you feeling less fatigued throughout the day.

Sleep Soundly, Pay Attention to Warning Signs

Getting enough sleep is one area that many truckers struggle with. Improving your sleep habits can leave you with immediate as well as long-term benefits. Due to the lifestyle, many truck drivers are at risk for sleep apnea, which is a condition where your breathing repeatedly stops and starts. Warning signs for sleep apnea include snoring and feeling tired even after getting a full night’s sleep. A simple home test can determine if you have sleep apnea and one of the most common forms of treatment is a CPAP machine. Aeroflow Industrial Clinics will work with you to help find a great CPAP machine that will fit your lifestyle and budget. They will take care of you throughout the process and make sure you feel comfortable with your CPAP. Many truck drivers have already been tested and prescribed CPAP treatment so many drivers have already seen great improvements to their overall quality of life.

Taking care of yourself while out on the road is one of the most important things you can do. A few small changes in your diet can leave you feeling less hungry and more energized. A short workout can leave you energized throughout the day, and treating your sleep apnea can lead to a good night’s sleep and keep you feeling refreshed and awake everyday.

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