Sleep Tips for Long Distance Truckers

Sleep tips for a healthy trucker lifestyle

If you are a long distance trucker, you probably know the struggle of trying to get a good night’s sleep with the odds against you on a regular basis. Almost every sense is being affected in one way or another when you’re on the road so much, and this constant stimulation can result in having a hard time getting to sleep.

The lifestyle of a trucker can also lead to various health conditions that also make it difficult to feel well rested. Getting a good night’s sleep is important to productivity and alertness while on the road, which is why we have some sleep tips to help you stay rested!

Truck Driver DOT sleep testMinimize Light

Your body is designed to get the best sleep in total darkness. Block out the light from your cab and electronics to create total darkness at night. If you sleep during the day, cover your windshield with a sun shade and use an eye mask to help block out more light.

Limit Vibration

Many truck drivers find that the vibration of an idling engine or a moving vehicle can wake them up when they are sleeping. By adjusting your engines RPMs, you can find a more comfortable vibration that you can sleep through without interruptions if you idle your truck while sleeping. When parking your truck for sleep, make sure that you are parking in a place where you won’t hear the sounds of traffic. Pull off the road into a safe and legal area and avoid high-traffic roads that create loud noises.

Get Comfortable

If you are trying to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress or in a restricting sleeping bag, you are going to have a hard time staying asleep. Make your bed more comfortable with a mattress topper and use a regular blanket if you need to stretch out more when you sleep. Setting a cooler temperature will make your cab optimal for getting great sleep. A comfortable sleeping area will make it easier for you to get good sleep and will result in you being more productive when you are on the road.

Take Care of Your Health

complianceMany truck drivers suffer from sleep apnea, which means that they are woken up several times during the night due to pauses in breathing. An easy sleep study can be taken at home or in your cab to determine if you have sleep apnea. If you are diagnosed, treatment is easy and affordable with a CPAP machine and mask.

Recently, drivers are finding that their DOT physicians are requiring CPAP usage reports at their annual physical. Stay on top of your reporting with compliance tracking offered via wireless modem from Aeroflow Industrial.

Don’t let poor sleep result in you driving drowsy and potentially harming yourself or others. A few small changes to your environment can result in you feeling refreshed and revived the next day. Not only will you be more productive, but you can take pride in knowing that you are always practicing safety first when driving. Make a change today and get better sleep tonight!

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