Treat Sleep Apnea to End Drowsy Driving

Dangers of Drowsy Driving

There are many factors that could make driving unsafe for truck drivers. One of the most dangerous and often times overlooked is drowsy driving (driving while extremely fatigued due to lack of sleep). Sleep apnea can leave one feeling tired or exhausted through the day, even when they have had a full nights sleep.

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the airway is obstructed. This results in an insufficient amount of oxygen traveling through the airway. When the body recognizes that you aren’t getting enough oxygen, it will disrupt sleep to trigger normal breathing. These disruptions may not fully wake you up, but can happen many times through the night. This results in extremely poor sleep and never feeling well rested.

Home Sleep Tests for Drivers

Exhaustion from untreated sleep apnea can cause you to have slower reaction time. This is extremely dangerous when you are on the road. When you drive for a living, it is important to take care of yourself. Self care will ensure that you and other vehicles are safe while traveling. Drowsy driving led to 100,000 car accidents in 2013, with 40,000 resulting in injury. A home sleep test can be used to diagnose sleep apnea. Treatment will leave you feeling more well-rested and safer while out on the road.

Aeroflow Industrial Clinic

Aeroflow Industrial Clinic offers a comprehensive program designed to quickly diagnose and treat sleep apnea for truck drivers. Sleep apnea testing includes a home sleep test that is mailed to the driver’s home. A thorough recommendation from a board certified sleep physician is included in the results. If a driver tests positive for sleep apnea, an Aeroflow representative will help the patient select a great CPAP machine and mask to effectively manage their sleep apnea.

Once a driver is set on treatment, Aeroflow can regularly check usage reports to ensure the driver is adjusting well to treatment. Usage data can also be made available to DOT clinics and trucking employers. This ensures that DOT and company regulations for CPAP usage are being met and maintained. Regular access to a sleep specialist is provided with the CPAP compliance program to help drivers adjust to CPAP therapy with ease.

Get a Better Night of Sleep with CPAP

Driving while drowsy is extremely dangerous, especially for someone who operates a large truck for a living. CPAP treatment is easy and affordable treatment. Drivers will feel refreshed and well rested after a night of CPAP usage. Do not let sleep apnea be the cause of any more traffic accidents. Contact Aeroflow Industrial clinic to get started with diagnoses and treatment today.

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