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Diagnosis and


Symptoms & Treatment

A sleep apnea diagnosis in no way means an end to someone’s driving career. The only stipulation is that drivers with a sleep apnea diagnosis must remain in compliance with treatment for recertification. Once tested for sleep apnea, and if diagnosed, a driver will be able to move forward with treatment. When compliance is reached, the driver will receive certification.

Aeroflow Promises…

  • To provide drivers with information on Sleep-Disordered Breathing and the risks associated with it
  • To provide sleep testing at a competitive rate for each driver who volunteers for the program
  • Anyone that tests positively for a Sleep Disorder and agrees to treatment will be provided with a quote outlining their estimated insurance co-pay and/or unmet deductible responsibility
  • Discounted self-pay and financing options are available
  • 24-hour answering service is provided for all drivers undergoing therapy
  • Test results are reviewed by a Board-Certified Sleep Physician, who then interprets the data and makes a recommendation for treatment (if needed)
  • Millions are affected each night from an array of sleeping disorders, but the good thing is you don’t have to be one of them. Put our knowledgeable staff to work for you and take advantage of our sleep disorder program today!

Sleep Disorder Program

The FMSCA has yet to formally adopt the recommendations concerning sleep apnea, however, more and more physicians are screening for sleep apnea. Trucking companies are also creating policies to keep their drivers as well as other drivers safe by implementing a screening, testing, treatment and compliance program for drivers who are at risk for a sleep apnea diagnosis. This strategy lowers their overall health care spending as a company as well as bettering the lives of their drivers and all around safety to others.

Sleep Disorder Program
Aeroflow Industrial Sleep Program

Aeroflow Industrial Sleep Program

Aeroflow tailors our sleep disorder program to fit the needs of your company. We have a full range of sleep disorder programs from a proactive screening approach. This testing program works with drivers who have been identified through their DOT physical as needing a sleep test. Aeroflow will help drivers navigate the sleep apnea disorder program with testing, treatment and compliance through our turnkey solution. Our 24-hour clinical support ensures drivers have the support they need to reach compliance status.