What is UNA?

A UNA is an Unattended Sleep Study.

In recent years, truck drivers may have noticed more questions regarding sleep apnea at their annual DOT physical. Documentation that DOT doctors fill out has recently changed to include questions about whether or not the driver has had sleep apnea testing. Drivers must also inform their doctor if they have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Currently, more DOT physicians and trucking companies are requiring drivers to complete sleep apnea testing and treatment to ensure that the driver is safe while on the road. Many drivers know that they need to complete a sleep test but do not know where to turn.

Sleep Study Options

One option for truck drivers who need a sleep study is to complete the study in a lab. There are a few obstacles a driver may face when choosing to go in lab. One of the largest drawbacks a driver will face when going in lab is the price. An in lab study can range anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars, which can be a major set back. It can also take several weeks to be scheduled in a lab. Many drivers are issued a 30 day card and waiting to get in lab could mean that a driver is not working which costs both the driver and the driver’s company.

Perks of an Unattended Sleep Study

An alternative to going in lab is for the driver to complete an unattended home sleep study, or UNA. A UNA is more cost and time effective and produces certified results to determine whether or not the driver has sleep apnea. Aeroflow Industrial offers home sleep testing at an affordable price and convenient process. The test is mailed directly to the driver where it can be taken in-home or in-lab.

The driver will sleep on the test for 1-2 nights for a minimum of four hours. Once the test is completed it is mailed back to Aeroflow Industrial with a postage paid envelope. The results of the test are read by a board certified sleep physician. From there, sleep apnea can ruled out or diagnosed. The process has no waiting time for the driver. The results from the sleep physician are produced within days.

Aeroflow Industrial Helps You Every Step of the Way

If sleep apnea is diagnosed, Aeroflow Industrial will work with the driver to help them select a great CPAP mask and CPAP machine. Drivers can purchase items out of pocket or they can qualify through insurance for equipment. Do not let a requirement for sleep testing keep you off the road. Contact Aeroflow Industrial today to get started with easy and affordable at-home testing with a UNA.

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