CPAP Machines Are Trucker Tested And Approved

Even though a number of truckers use CPAP machines in order to manage their sleep apnea, many do not even know they have a sleeping disorder at all. When left untreated sleep apnea contributes to major health issues such as diabetes, heart failure, depression, stroke, irritability, excessive sleepiness, and fatigue. In the trucking industry, fatigue [...]

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National Sleep Awareness Week is The Best Time To Snooze

Are you celebrating sleep? Well, you should be because National Sleep Awareness Week is here. From March 11th - 17th it’s time to celebrate sleep and all of its glory. Who doesn’t like sleep? Come on we know you all love it and it makes you feel great. That’s because getting a quality night [...]

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Fatigue is Dangerous

Causes and Consequences of Fatigue Michael Trufant presented this slide deck in August at the Safety + VPPPA Conference in New Orleans. The National Safety Council researched the effect of fatigue on workplace safety. An estimated 13% of workplace injuries can be attributed to fatigue! Fatigue can be especially dangerous to transportation professionals such as [...]

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Dealing with a Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

With new rules and regulations coming out each year, many truck drivers are finding if difficult to keep up with any requirements needed to stay out on the road. At your yearly DOT physical you will find that there are now more questions regarding sleep apnea than there have been in the past. Aeroflow [...]

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Treat Sleep Apnea to End Drowsy Driving

Dangers of Drowsy Driving There are many factors that could make driving unsafe for truck drivers. One of the most dangerous and often times overlooked is drowsy driving (driving while extremely fatigued due to lack of sleep). Sleep apnea can leave one feeling tired or exhausted through the day, even when they have had [...]

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