Sleep Tips for Long Distance Truckers

If you are a long distance trucker, you probably know the struggle of trying to get a good night’s sleep with the odds against you on a regular basis. Almost every sense is being affected in one way or another when you're on the road so much, and this constant stimulation can result in [...]

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Tips to Help Drivers Stay Awake Longer

Most truck drivers know how exhausting driving can be. They also know how dangerous driving while tired is and will try anything to avoid exhaustion while on the road. Often times the things we reach for to keep us awake can actually create more damage later, leaving you feeling even more tired than you [...]

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Dealing with a Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

With new rules and regulations coming out each year, many truck drivers are finding if difficult to keep up with any requirements needed to stay out on the road. At your yearly DOT physical you will find that there are now more questions regarding sleep apnea than there have been in the past. Aeroflow [...]

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How Aeroflow Helps With Compliance

Many truck drivers are finding that their annual DOT physical has changed in the recent years. As more information comes out about the dangers of sleep apnea, there is more being done to ensure that  sleep conditions are not left untreated. Clinic doctors will keep a driver's health and safety in mind when completing [...]

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Treat Sleep Apnea to End Drowsy Driving

Dangers of Drowsy Driving There are many factors that could make driving unsafe for truck drivers. One of the most dangerous and often times overlooked is drowsy driving (driving while extremely fatigued due to lack of sleep). Sleep apnea can leave one feeling tired or exhausted through the day, even when they have had [...]

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Tips for a Healthy Truck Driver Lifestyle

Truck drivers can experience difficulty trying to maintain a balance between work and living a healthy lifestyle. Being on the road for hours a day might mean the last thing you want to think about is how this job is affecting your overall health. Oftentimes you want to find the quickest fix to resolve [...]

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