43% of Americans Admit to Risk-Raising Fatigue

A new study published by the National Safety Council found that 43% of Americans aren’t getting the sleep they need to avoid safety risks at work and while driving. In many cases, it isn't trouble falling asleep or the light from your iPhone keeping you awake. The real culprit? Fatigue. The Results The survey [...]

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Supreme Court Sleep Apnea Ruling, Looking to the Future of Sleep Testing

On April 3, The U.S Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal filed by a former driver against the Nebraska-based Crete Carrier Corporation. The decision ruled in favor of Crete, one of the largest privately-owned trucking companies in the nation, saying that the company did not break any laws by requiring their drivers of [...]

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Natural Sleep Aids for Truckers

Sleep can often be a scarce commodity on the road for a truck driver. With long hours that often require overnight travel, many truckers find sleep elusive and may be tempted to reach for sleeping medications to get a bit of shuteye. But before you reach for any medication, consider these natural alternatives for [...]

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Avoiding Distracted Driving on the Road

Choosing to be a truck driver comes with a load of responsibilities — one of which is paying attention to rules and regulations that help to protect not just your life, but the lives of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who share the road with you. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has [...]

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Untreated Sleep Apnea May Lead to Higher Crash Risk

As a truck driver, have you ever had the experience of slamming back coffees or turning your AC on full blast just to stay awake while you’re driving? You might think your sleepiness is just normal fatigue, but you may be surprised to discover your daytime drowsiness is actually due to untreated sleep apnea. [...]

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Use a CPAP Pillow for Sleeping While Traveling

When the time has come for you to lay down and get some sleep, your comfort is of the utmost importance. A CPAP mask and machine can make it a bit more challenging to get comfortable – although finding a perfect sleeping position is not impossible. If you are adding a little travel to [...]

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How to Charge Your CPAP Machine on the Road

When you’re a long haul trucker, you don’t want to let your travel plans interfere with your CPAP therapy. But you may be wondering how you’re supposed to charge your machine on the road. Keep reading to discover the simple solution to charging your CPAP machine without ever getting out of your vehicle. Consider [...]

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5 Ways to Keep Your CPAP Mask on All Night Long

Even though you know CPAP therapy is important for treating your sleep apnea, it seems like every time you try and use your CPAP mask, you end up taking it off while you’re asleep! Try these five tips for keeping your CPAP mask on all night long. Are You Under Pressure? Sometimes pulling your [...]

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How to Tell If Your CPAP Machine is Working

When you started to use your CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea, you never felt better. Lately though, you’ve been waking up during the night and you’re starting to snore again! Before you give up on CPAP therapy altogether, consider whether there could be something wrong with your CPAP machine. Keep reading to [...]

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