Will The Denham Amendment Increase Trucker Fatigue?

After ELDs rocked the trucking industry here comes the Denham amendment to shake things up even further. It was approved by the house, and now it has to be approved by the Senate, but what exactly does it mean and why are people fighting it? Isn’t it an aviation bill? What does a plane [...]

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Amazing CPAP Cleaning Tips To Quickly Destroy Bacteria

Sometimes CPAP cleaning can fall by the wayside, as most people don’t even consider the bacteria, mold, and germs that can collect in their equipment. However, when your skin touches the mask as your breath and moisture passes through the tubing, the perfect environment for growth is created and unpleasant smells could surface. Why [...]

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4 Easy Ways Quickly Improve Your Trucking Health

One of the largest industries in the U.S. is trucking and shipping. Sources state that nearly 1 in every 15 citizens are employed in the field. Yet those employed as truck drivers are unquestionably some of the unhealthiest workers in the country, due to their poor trucking health habits. Roughly 1 in every 7 [...]

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Distracted Drivers May Have Fatigue To Blame

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month and our highways are more congested than ever by distracted drivers. Roadways all across the nation are filling with drivers who are easily distracted by objects like their smartphones and driver fatigue. To make matters worse, the problem is growing. Distracted driving occurred in 36% of trips [...]

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The Ultimate CPAP Spring Allergy Hacks You Need To Know

When spring finally arrives there are two ways to look at it. You can rejoice by busting out a pair of shorts to enjoy longer warmer days, or you can curse the plague of seasonal allergies that rains down on everything with the pollen. Either way, there is a CPAP spring allergy difference. Once [...]

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CPAP Machines Are Trucker Tested And Approved

Even though a number of truckers use CPAP machines in order to manage their sleep apnea, many do not even know they have a sleeping disorder at all. When left untreated sleep apnea contributes to major health issues such as diabetes, heart failure, depression, stroke, irritability, excessive sleepiness, and fatigue. In the trucking industry, fatigue [...]

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National Sleep Awareness Week is The Best Time To Snooze

Are you celebrating sleep? Well, you should be because National Sleep Awareness Week is here. From March 11th - 17th it’s time to celebrate sleep and all of its glory. Who doesn’t like sleep? Come on we know you all love it and it makes you feel great. That’s because getting a quality night [...]

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Fatigue is Dangerous

Causes and Consequences of Fatigue Michael Trufant presented this slide deck in August at the Safety + VPPPA Conference in New Orleans. The National Safety Council researched the effect of fatigue on workplace safety. An estimated 13% of workplace injuries can be attributed to fatigue! Fatigue can be especially dangerous to transportation professionals such as [...]

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CPAP Therapy: Your Road To Better Health

  As a trucker, you’re used to dealing with long days, bad weather, and even worse drivers, but maybe you’re not used to contending with your newly diagnosed obstructive pulmonary sleep apnea. Although you may be tempted to just ignore your new condition in the hopes that it will magically disappear on its own, [...]

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Aeroflow Industrial Gearing Up for GATS 2017

  The Aeroflow Industrial team is truckin’ to Dallas, Texas for one of the best trucking conventions in the nation: the Great American Trucking Show! Over 50,000 guests are set to attend the event, which features 554 exhibits on everything related to the trucking industry. Aeroflow Industrial team is excited to have a [...]

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