Amazing CPAP Cleaning Tips To Quickly Destroy Bacteria

CPAP Cleaning is an important part of your treatment

Sometimes CPAP cleaning can fall by the wayside, as most people don’t even consider the bacteria, mold, and germs that can collect in their equipment. However, when your skin touches the mask as your breath and moisture passes through the tubing, the perfect environment for growth is created and unpleasant smells could surface.

Why CPAP Cleaning is Important

If you neglect cleaning your CPAP then you may suffer the consequences of getting sick more often as mold, bacteria, and germs collect in your supplies. The bacteria can cause infections and allergic reactions, causing your sleep apnea treatment to become extremely uncomfortable.

It’s important to clean your CPAP regularly to prevent getting sick. Also, it can help your equipment last longer so you won’t have to replace expensive parts as often. However, most importantly, cleaning your CPAP supplies will help you fully benefit from your treatment to get the rest you need.

Traditional CPAP Cleaning Methods

CPAP Masks and Hoses

CPAP cleaning clears dead skins cells and prevents viruses It’s recommended to clean your CPAP mask and hose once a week as oils from your skin and dead skin cells can collect to spread bacteria. To clean these items place them in a container full of warm water with a few drops of a mild dish detergent and swirl them around.

Then thoroughly rinse both the mask and the hose and hang them up to dry. Leave them on something like a hanger or towel rack to make sure they fully dry out before bedtime. You can also dry your mask with a towel.

When it comes to cleaning your masks straps, never place them in the washing machine or dryer. They need to be washed by hand with warm soapy water and hung up to dry.

CPAP Machines

You should also clean your CPAP machine once a week by wiping it down with a warm, damp cloth. Then check the filters once a month. Disposable filters need to be replaced once a month, while non-disposable filters need to be changed about every six months.

If your disposable filters have any dark residue on them or they start to look a little iffy, they need to be replaced. Clean your non-disposable filters by rinsing them water and allowing them to fully dry. They should be replaced about every six months.

Your humidifier chamber needs to be cleaned once a week as well. Clean it by removing it from your CPAP device to wash with warm soapy water. Then rinse it well and allow it to dry. Some humidifiers are dishwasher safe, so be sure to check your manual.

The SoClean Way

The SoClean is the best thing to ever happen for CPAP cleaning So, there you have it. The traditional time-consuming CPAP cleaning methods. That’s great if you have hours to spend each week waiting for your supplies to dry. However, if you don’t, check out how to saving time while wiping out bacteria.

You can get a SoClean! The SoClean is a compact device that can conveniently fit anywhere to clean your CPAP equipment at any time, with no messy water or soap solutions to clean up. In fact, you don’t even have to take your equipment apart. Just drop it in the SoClean device and come back for it later.

It cleans your CPAP supplies by sending activated oxygen through each part to eradicate any bacteria and germs. Activated oxygen is created when a third oxygen (O) atom is added to the molecular oxygen we breathe to create (O3). It’s extremely powerful and can destroy organisms like bacteria and viruses.

More Amazing CPAP Cleaning Hacks

  1. Get actual CPAP cleaner. There are alcohol-free CPAP cleaning solutions that can be used to easily get rid of any germs. You won’t have to use your own detergent.
  2. Grab some CPAP cleaning wipes to knock out any funky smells or mold instantly. They’re great to carry with you on trips to literally clean your CPAP whenever you need to.
  3. Use CPAP cleaning spray. It’s as simple as spritzing your equipment once or twice and let it dry or wipe it down. 

Enjoy Your Clean CPAP

If you haven’t been cleaning your CPAP, it’s time to up your game. Regularly cleaning your device and supplies helps to ensure that you fully benefit from your treatment and reduces bacteria, mold, germs, and more. Plus, cleaning helps to extend the life of each item so they will last longer. Get your SoClean now!

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