How Aeroflow Helps With Compliance

Many truck drivers are finding that their annual DOT physical has changed in the recent years. As more information comes out about the dangers of sleep apnea, there is more being done to ensure that  sleep conditions are not left untreated. Clinic doctors will keep a driver’s health and safety in mind when completing a physical. In many cases, it is required that a driver complete sleep apnea testing (and treatment if needed) before a new DOT card is issued.

Sleep Testing

Aeroflow Industrial Clinics, a division of Aeroflow Healthcare, designed a program that is intended to test and treat drivers so they can get back out on the road with little to no downtime after their physical. If sleep disordered breathing is suspected, a driver can contact Aeroflow to complete sleep testing.

The process is easy and convenient. A home sleep test is mailed to the driver who can take it at home or in the truck. Once the driver has completed testing and mailed the device back, a board certified sleep physician will interpret the results. They will make recommendations for the best treatment for the individual. If the results are negative for sleep apnea, a driver is quickly released. If sleep apnea is detected, treatment with a CPAP machine will be the next step.

Affordable CPAP Supplies

If a driver is diagnosed with sleep apnea, Aeroflow will assist them in selecting a great CPAP machine and mask. Drivers can choose to purchase items out of pocket or they can qualify through insurance for their equipment.

Getting adjusted to CPAP therapy can be tough. It requires a large change of habit that can seem overwhelming. Aeroflow Healthcare works closely with truck drivers once they have been set up on a CPAP machine to ensure they adjust well to the treatment in the beginning and to ensure they stick with the treatment.

Compliance Tracking

Aeroflow offers compliance tracking that will allow truck drivers to get the most out of their CPAP treatment. All drivers will receive a wireless modem with their new CPAP equipment. The modem automatically updates sleep data into a computer program. This data is regularly accessed by Aeroflow to look for any problems the driver might be having. Clinicians also ensure that the driver is using the machine a minimum of 70% of the time. This is in adherence with the DOT guidelines. Aeroflow will work with drivers to send usage data to appointments as needed and to troubleshoot and address any problems they might have with their CPAP treatment.

Keeping drivers safe is Aeroflow’s number one priority. Contact Aeroflow today to get started with sleep testing or to build a company program.

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