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The Hill, January 2018 — Michael Trufant shares how Trump’s rollbacks could be unsafe for many workers.

Sleep Review, August 2017 — The journal for sleep specialists featured Michael Trufant’s comments on the recent sleep apnea testing rule.

American Shipper, August 2017 — Michael Trufant’s comments are featured in an investigation regarding U.S. regulators dropping sleep apnea testing requirements.

Trucking Industry News, August 2017 — Michael Trufant speaks on Senator Chuck Schumer’s comments regarding sleep apnea regulations.

Trucking Truth, August 2017 — Aeroflow clarifies Sleep Apnea testing and treatment options for the website Trucking Truth, which offers advice and information for people in the trucking industry.

Metro Magazine, June 2017 — Robert Hunter, Director of Industrial Markets, examines the cost and health benefits of addressing sleep apnea in the transportation industry., May 2017 — Michael Trufant, Business Development Manager at Aeroflow Industrial, shares insights on OSA treatment and compliance data.

Sleep Review Magazine November 2017 — Michael Trufant, Business Development Manager at Aeroflow Industrial, shares the cost and benefits of sleep apnea testing for truckers.

Occupational Health & Safety Magazine — Byline by Michael Trufant about the dangers of drowsy driving caused by sleep apnea.

Freight Waves — Article about the solvable problem of sleep apnea for trucking fleets.