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About Aeroflow Industrial

As a company, we pride ourselves on offering quality equipment and the best in personal customer service. Aeroflow is an accredited Medicare and Medicaid provider and accepts most commercial insurances. Our well-trained staff of professionals includes respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, and nurses. We provide live representative 24-hour on-call service to all patients.

Aeroflow can screen, test and treat your team to make sure safety is always first. Don’t hesitate — call Aeroflow Industrial today to find the plan of action that works best for you and your company!

Aeroflow Industrial Clinic Solutions

Our goal is to improve quality of sleep, occupational safety, and overall quality of life for drivers. Working with Aeroflow can benefit Drivers and Safety Directors in a number of ways; most importantly, sleep apnea testing and treatment helps keep drivers as healthy and safe as possible.

There is no charge or commitment for Aeroflow to:

  • Perform sleep disorder screenings on your company’s employees
  • Assess screenings to identify high-risk employees
  • Analyze your current primary and non-trucking liability (bobtail coverage) rates to determine the cost savings produced by developing a sleep program
  • Analyze high-risk employee healthcare coverage to determine the most cost effective route
  • Develop a sleep program proposal that guarantees the least amount of driver downtime at the lowest cost possible

Testing and treating drivers for sleep apnea can reduce:

  • Risk of Workplace Accidents
  • Unnecessary Liability Risk
  • Driver Turnover
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Worker Non-Productivity
  • Overall Healthcare Costs
  • There is no charge or commitment for Aeroflow to:

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