5 Ways to Keep Your CPAP Mask on All Night Long

Even though you know CPAP therapy is important for treating your sleep apnea, it seems like every time you try and use your CPAP mask, you end up taking it off while you’re asleep! Try these five tips for keeping your CPAP mask on all night long.

Are You Under Pressure?

Sometimes pulling your mask off while you’re asleep can be a sign that the pressure has been adjusted too low or too high on your CPAP machine. If the pressure is too high, the air may be causing discomfort as it blows uncomfortably into your eyes. Conversely, you may have the pressure adjusted too low making it difficult for you to get enough air while you’re asleep.

The Solution: Contact an Aeroflow sleep specialist who should be able to tell you whether you need to adjust the pressure upwards or downwards by using data from your machine.

Does Your Mask Fit Correctly?

Do you remember the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Only after trying a bed that was too hard and then too soft was she finally able to find the mattress that was ‘just right’.

And just like Goldilocks, you need to be as equally discerning in your purchase of a CPAP mask. If your mask is too tight, too loose, or incorrectly fitted then you’ll likely end up pulling it off at some point during the night.

The Solution: Work with a CPAP specialist to find a CPAP mask that will be comfortable and effective at delivering your CPAP therapy.

Is Your Mask Leaking?

Maybe you’ve tried a variety of different masks, but you’re still experiencing annoying leaks that are causing you to take off your CPAP mask during the night.

The Solution: A CPAP chin strap or even a small amount of cloth tape can be used to create a tighter seal between your CPAP mask and your face.

Are You Feeling Claustrophobic?

Unfortunately, many people have a hard time adjusting to sleeping with a CPAP mask, and they may even experience feelings of claustrophobia that can cause them to take the mask off while they’re sleeping.

The Solution: Get used to wearing a comfortable style of mask, like a Hybrid CPAP mask, by wearing the mask for short periods during the day. Then, transition to using the mask while you’re in bed while using relaxation exercises to eliminate any anxiety you may feel from wearing the mask. In time, you should grow more accustomed to the mask and soon enough it should stop bothering you during the night.

Are You Working with a Specialist?

Since most people tear off their CPAP masks when they’re not even awake, it can be hard to pinpoint what the exact cause is.

The Solution: It may be time to bring in the experts! Work with a CPAP specialist who will be able to examine your mask and the data from your machine to determine what the exact cause of the problem is.

Still confused or have any additional questions? Check out our Ask a Clinician page for the answers to any lingering questions you may still have!

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